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18 January 2014 (at 2 pm) - Olivier Grenson by Olivier Grenson

From the drawings of his youth and the popular series Niklos Koda and Carland Cross to the very personal album La Douceur de l'Enfer, the Olivier Grenson exhibition invites you to follow the journey of an author who is also celebrating a 25-year career in the comic strip this year. On the occasion of this exhibition we are offering a guided tour led by Olivier Grenson in person.

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Price for admission plus guided tour: 8€.


Special tours "the favourites of our specialists"

An unmissable event in an exceptional year, these tours are available only by advance booking. Guided by a CBBD official you will be guided through their favourites pieces and discover the story behind those masterworks.

These tours each last one hour and are unilingual (French, Dutch and English).

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Price for admission plus tour: 8€

The tours are scheduled as follows

French :

- On the 11th of May at 3:00 pm, Jean Auquier, our General Manager, will let you discover the most hidden treasures of our collections. He's working in the museum since its chilhood, and knows better than anyone both the BCSC and the surrounding district. He'll share with you plenty of anecdotes you don't want to miss! 

- On the 17th of May at 3:00 pm, it will be Jean-Claude De La Royère's turn to show you the masterworks that make him crazy. Before becoming the eminent curator of our exhibitions, he was script-writer, collumnist, librarian,... Living so many experiences, he has now tons of informations over the numerous artists he met.


- On the 21st of May at 12:15, Willem Degraeve, Manager of BCSC, will be too pleased to guide you through the museum. Travelling in the four corners of the world to give lectures about the matter which interests us, he will be back to share with you his knowledge.

English :

- On the 24th of May at 15:00pm, Tine Anthoni, the dynamic Manager of the Education Service, will tak you to the inmost depths of the museum. The youngest member of the executive broad, she spices up the museum with fresh comics and new visitors' experiences for all ages.

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