Comic Festival 2021

The Brussels Comic Art Festival is coming to town, in a new format! There will be even more activities, spread over a month, all over the city and more than ever also at the Comics Art Museum!

18 September:

10am to 5 pm Studio Cambré

Flemish author Charel Cambré and his collaborators are setting up their PCs, graphic tablets and drawing tables in the CBBD. Come and discover the work of an emblematic Flemish comic studio!

At the CBBD, in the museum. All you need is a museum ticket!


25 September:

Lyon BD makes its festival at the Brussels Comic Museum!

10 to 11 a.m. Le grand atelier franco-belge / Workshop n°1 of drawing with Alexis Nesme

11.30am to 12.30pm The France-Belgium Comic Battle with Guillaume Long and Abdel from Brussels

2pm to 5pm Giant live performance: drawing improvisation in the museum

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm Le grand atelier franco-belge / Workshop n°1 of drawing with Yuio

3.45pm to 4.15pm Author's meeting with Marie Avril and Emilie Plateau

4.30 pm to 5.30 pm Food and drink in the kitchens of the Comic Museum, with Guillaume Long and Wauter Mannaert

6 to 7.30 pm DJ and live drawing night


The Comics Art Museum welcomes...

As part of the Comic Book Festival, the CBBD is hosting a number of events organised by publishers, comic book artists, Brussels-based cultural centres, etc.

Reservations for these activities are compulsory and can be made via the Comic Book Festival website. Each reservation includes one entry to the CBBD. Click here for more information.


11 September: International Day:

- 11am to 12pm: Talk-show "Draw the flavours of Korea".

With Kim Yong-Cheol, master of taste and author of children's comics (back room)

- 12 to 1pm: Meeting "Live Cartoons

With Park Jae-Dong, press cartoonist (auditorium)

- 2pm to 3pm: Jangseungkakgi performance (wood)

With Kim Jong-heug & Ryu Pill-ki. (multipurpose hall)

- 3pm to 4pm: Meeting about the album Tanz!

With Maurane Mazars (auditorium)

- 3pm to 4pm: Meeting with Antoine Grimée and Sabrina Kaufmann

The authors talk about the collective D'Frënn vun der 9. Konscht and the recent publication Fortifications (Luxembourg) (workshop room).

- 4pm to 5pm: Meeting/debate with Bastien Vivès and Martin Quenehen

Meeting about the album Océan Noir - Corto Maltese. Moderated by Daniel Couvreur. Followed by a signing session. (auditorium)

- 4pm to 5pm: Artist Talk: Kaisa & Christoffer Leka

The Finnish artists will present their latest book Russian Diaries, depicting a journey paddling through the waterways in Russia. Language: English. (workshop room)


12 September: International day:

- 11am to 12pm: Film screening: Animayo Film Festival

Film screening: A selection of animations from the Animayo film festival, suitable for children as well as adults (Spain). (auditorium)

- 11am to 12pm: Workshop with Filipa Beleza (Portugal)(workshop room)

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