Corona measures

The Museum is open to the public in compliance with the security standards required for visitors and museum staff (unless the SPF is modified).

Visitors have access to permanent and temporary exhibitions, including: "Pico Bogue and his Family" (extended until September 13) and "Juanjo Guarnido, The Workshop Secrets of a Master" (extended until November 8).

The route of the visit is pre-established.


What are the conditions of access?

- Maximum 50 people per time slot.

- For booking click on the "TICKETS" button HERE and choose your time slot. Booking in advance is desired, but not mandatory. 

- Rates are available HERE.


Visiting hours

Entrance possible every half hour from 10 am to 5 pm.


Duration of the visit

The visit of the museum lasts, on average, 1h30.


What are the conditions of the visit?


- Hydroalcoholic gel is available to visitors.

- The wheelchair access and conditions are currently no longer suitable. Our teams are working actively to remedy this as soon as possible.

- Access to the changing rooms is closed. You can keep your small bags with you during the visit.


For the visit

Inside the museum, the rules of physical distancing apply. Visitors are asked to keep a distance of 1.5 m (except for members of a group of people living under the same roof).


The tour route

It is unidirectional and traffic is marked and signalled on the ground.


Shopping in the bookshop

The Slumberland Bookshop is open at the same hours as the museum.


Eat & Drink

The Brasserie Horta is open from Wednesday to Friday from 12 tot 3pm and in the weekend from 12 to 5pm.


Access to washrooms

Regulated by security according to the rules of social distancing. Disinfectant is available.


Apart from these special measures, the usual reception standards remain in force.

All activities for individual visitors are cancelled until further notice, as well as reservations for groups.

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