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Black Lines for Sleepless Nights

After his outstanding Inner City Blues, Biotope, Commando colonial and Atar Gull, Brüno has now shot to fame with Tyler Cross, which is a series of noir detective novels devised in collaboration with Fabien Nury, who also shares his fascination for the spellbinding and nightmarish America which continues to inspire them.

Born at the start of this new century, Brüno immediately intrigued readers with his powerful, caricature-like style. The latter is the result of him wanting to draw realistic stories, whilst having to face the fact that the means available to him were far too limiting. Thus, he devised a drawing style all of his own, by sketching his backdrops and his characters in bold, black lines. Brüno’s virtuosity has continued to grow with each comic book he has produced, but he has nevertheless remained true to his original style of drawing. This is ideal for producing heavy, timeless atmospheres, and for creating the impression that the events recounted were doomed to happen.

With this exhibition the Museum of Comic Strip Art aims to regale its visitors with a talent hitherto unseen.

Exhibiton curator: Jean-Claude De la Royère


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