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Literary Comic Strip Art Adaptations

Whether it is the fantasy genre, or science-fiction, detective or traditional novels, examples of comic strip adaptations of literary works are proliferating at an amazing rate and are now reaching a completely new readership. Publishing companies are making way for them and some even dedicate entire collections to this topic within their publishing programme.

From the earliest to the most recent works, the process consists of joining up the images and the words in order to reflect the spirit and the power of the original piece of literature. Comic strip adaptations differ from illustrated novels in that they have consistently been gaining ground since the 1940s, both in the USA and in Europe. These comic strip adaptations were initially intended for a young target audience, to make it easier for youngsters to access so-called ‘reference’ works, and they have become a vital teaching tool. Comic strip authors seize upon a literary work to turn it into a new version, and to come up with a more or less free adaptation of the original text. However, by what criteria is an adaptation judged to be a success? A faithful interpretation? A new creation? And what are the stages involved in this adaptation process? These are all fascinating points to be explored within the exhibition, illustrated by adaptations from a whole host of countries and corners of the world.


Exhibiton curator: Mélanie Andrieu


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