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Little Furry

My First Comic

Little Furry wakes up every morning and hurries to the toilet which is far too big for him. He then hurriedly tucks into his breakfast, gives his mummy a kiss, and then briskly walks to school. What about school? There is nothing more uncertain than that because adventure lies in wait for him on the corner of the street.

This age-old story, of which we have seen so many variations, different each time, of course, was devised by the graphic artist Pierre Bailly and the scriptwriter Céline Fraipont. They created this comic strip in such a way that it can be read independently even by toddlers. In order to achieve this feat, they were forced to return to what is the essence of the concept of comic strip art: a sequence of images telling a story. As the story must be accessible from the tender age of 3, it is entirely without speech, which has forced the authors to bring all their ingenuity to bear.

This fun exhibition is vividly colourful and invites children to project themselves into the comic strip boxes whilst giving their parents clues about the ways and means of storytelling to get the story across, stories that can be both exciting and educational.


Exhibiton curator: Jean-Claude De la Royère


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