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20 Years of Manga in Europe


09 April 2020

For the second episode of our section dedicated to our previous exhibitions, we decided to take you out of your home. We take you to Asia, and more particularly to Japan, a giant of the comic culture.
In recent decades, Japanese manga has spread far beyond the borders of the land of the rising sun to become a global phenomenon. For some, even here in Europe, it has become a real passion. Even our European comics have been influenced by the best mangakas!
In 2009, we celebrated the first 20 years of Japanese comics on our continent by transforming one floor of the museum into a miniature Japan. Who doesn't remember those giant illustrations around the well, for example? The silhouettes of the characters against a background of pictures taken in Japan came from the book "Tôkyô est mon jardin" by Frédéric Boilet and Benoit Peeters.
The exhibition "20 years of manga in Europe" presented many different series like 'Akira', 'Dragon Ball', 'Naruto', 'Death Note' or 'Astro Boy', explained the functioning of the manga including the differences according to the genre, and was supported in its presentation by many toys and especially, by some very beautiful boards coming straight from the Japanese archipelago!




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