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Cécil and Brunschwig - Holmes


28 April 2020

With "Holmes" (Futuropolis), Cécil and Brunschwig open a new perspective on the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective. The comic book authors situate their series (5 volumes) between 1891 and 1894, a period called "the great hiatus" during which Sherlock Holmes disappears without a trace. Suspecting his master of having stage managed his own death to mislead his enemies, Dr. Watson investigates.

The permanent exhibition "The Art of Comics" shows the preparatory documents for the fifth volume of the series, in which we return to Sherlock's youth. Brunschwig's script describes the action case by case and gives precise indications of the location, here the London residence of the Marx family. Every detail of the description is important. First of all, it allows to make a brief rough. Cécil then sketches each vignette with a blue pencil, then keeps the contours that he prefers thanks to the black line before finalizing his drawing. Finally, each scene is coloured in sepia tones to evoke the atmosphere of London in the 1850s. The phylacteries are added via the computer.


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