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Christophe Simon - Corentin


12 May 2020

The "Corentin Feldoë" series, a classic of Belgian comics and more specifically of the Brussels school, appeared for the first time in the first edition of the famous "Journal Tintin" on 26 September 1946. Paul Cuvelier, its creator, drew the first seven albums of this mythical orientalist series, including two based on a scenario by Jean Van Hamme.

42 years later, Christophe Simon took up the character again on an adaptation of a short story published in 1973 by Jean Van Hamme.
In the exhibition "The Art of Comic Strip", we can admire several documents including a rough sketch of the attitudes of the characters, but rather sketchy in the backgrounds. Multiple details of the Indian set, carefully documented, are, indeed, added later. Alexandre Carpentier, the colourist, underlines the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights by applying subdued colours.

On three occasions, Christophe Simon used full-page drawings to magnify the most breathtaking scenery.


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