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Eve Tharlet and Brigitte Luciani - Mr Badger & Mrs Fox


07 April 2020

Once in a week, we invite you to discover a piece from our permanent exhibition "The Art of Comic Strip" to learn more on comic artists’ creative processes.

The Art of Eve Tharlet and Brigitte Luciani: "Mr Badger and Mrs Fox" - insipiration and character study

"Mr Badger and Mrs Fox" (Dargaud Publishers) is an animal series for the little ones that recounts the adventures of a blended family. To write this endearing story the authors have turned to nature for inspiration. After deciding upon the characters and their features as well as the topics to be covered, Brigitte Luciani sat down to write the script. As for Eve Tharlet, she carried out extensive preparatory research to design the backdrops and characters. Discover their work in our exhibitions as soon as the museum reopens.


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