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Juanjo Guarnido, The Workshop Secrets of a Master"


08 April 2020

It's Wednesday! Unfortunately, the opening of our exhibition “Juanjo Guarnido, The Workshop Secrets of a Maestro” had to be postponed. The originial drawings are also in confinement waiting for better days. Discover two original drawings (of Blacksad) and some extracts of the exhibition, in preview!

Extract 1:

"To date, Dargaud has published five volumes. Each comic book is set in a realistic and well-documented atmosphere. This universe of thriller and suspense explores powerful topics, such as social injustice, racism and nuclear energy, and this with cutting sarcasm and wit. Whether it is in the forthright dialogues or in the attitude of some of the characters, including ‘the king of gossip’ Weekly and his rather odd reactions, there is laughter everywhere."

Text: Mélanie Andrieu, curator of the exhibition


Extract 2:

"Whereas the scriptwriter Juan Díaz Canales was primarily influenced by thrillers (by J.Ellroy or R.Chandler), Guarnido’s main influence was the cinema. Having gained so much experience at Disney, he brought lots of nuances to the backdrops, the expressions of the characters and the frames."

Text: Mélanie Andrieu, curator of the exhibition

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