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Juanjo Guarnido, The Workshop Secrets of a Master


22 April 2020

We are looking forward to opening the doors of our exhibition "Juanjo Guarnido, The Workshop Secrets of a Master". Guarnido, a former Disney collaborator, is a master in the creation of anthropomorphic characters. He infuses his sequences with rhythm, movement, and even a certain musicality. This magnificent board from the Blacksad (Dargaud) series is a wonderful example of it!


Description of the board :
The fourth volume ‘L’Enfer, le silence’ [Silent Hell] (2010) was set in New Orleans. Weekly, who went there to report on the blues, met up with his friend Blacksad who had been commissioned by a music producer to investigate the disappearance of a pianist. Against the backdrop of the Mardi Gras Carnival and jazz clubs, Guarnido paid homage to the musical soul of this town and regaled the reader with amazing scenery of the carnival and its explosion of colours. Music was not only present in the clubs and in the songs that found their way into the comic books, but here it was omnipresent in the topic of the music industry, song production and buskers. The scenario covered just one single night, and the countdown commenced to resolve a mystery that could well be linked to a song…

More info on the upcoming expo (opening date to be redefined):


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