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Little Furry, My First Comic


29 April 2020

This year, we will propose an exhibition dedicated to the series "Little Furry" published by Éditions Dupuis in their "First Comic Book" collection. Although the new dates haven't been decided yet, we would like to announce this next event made for families, including very young children from the age of 3 years old!

Every morning, Little Furry wakes up, rushes to the toilet, swallows his breakfast, kisses his mommy and goes off on his way to school. On his way to school? That isn't certain, because adventures always awaits him around the corner.
This unchanging concept is the creation of cartoonist Pierre Bailly and screenwriter Céline Fraipont. In order to make this comic book readable independently by very young children, they went back to the very essence of the comic book concept: a succession of silent sequential images.
Highly colourful, this playful exhibition will allow children to immerse themselves in the comic book while decoding for their parents the art of telling stories that are both exciting and educational.

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