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Moomin (2010)


30 April 2020

Throwback Thursday to our "Moomin, Tove Jansson's Dreamworld" exhibition in 2010!

You may be familiar with these small, white, forest-dwelling creatures, who look a bit like furry hippos, and are handy with boats. The Moomins were created in 1945 by Finnish artist Tove Jansson. It is a masterpiece with a timeless appeal to children and adults alike.

She told twenty-one Moomin stories in all, eight of them with help from her brother Lars, who took over the strip completely after 1959. They were published in the Evening News, but sadly, the London syndicate destroyed all the artworks from Tove Jansson’s comics except for one episode. Luckily, she kept many of her detailed pencil sketches and pasted them next to proofs of the finished strips, which were shown in the exhibition.

If the exhibition focused on these comics, it also included excerpts from the world famous Moomin cartoons (a Japanese-Dutch production of the 1990’s) and colorful illustrations of the Moomin’s children’s books.




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