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Philippe Wurm and Jean Dufaux - Lady Elza


05 May 2020

In the second volume of Lady Elza, "La vente de Coco Brown [The Sale of Coco Brown]", the heroine of the series is looking for an apartment near Buckingham Palace. Her real estate agent suggests her a property at the Savoy, the famous London hotel, whose last occupant however was mysteriously murdered. Jean Dufaux's extremely detailed detective story is an opportunity for him to produce finely written dialogues full of humour and verve.

Concerned to vary the points of view, Philippe Wurm completes the scenario of his colleague by adding an outdoor scene or by dividing certain panels so as not to load the individual drawings with too much text. 

Philippe Wurm who works in a realist style first sketches individually the different elements of his compositions, be it the London sets or the characters. 


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