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Pico Bogue and his family


20 May 2020

The exhibition "Pico Bogue and his family", which should have been considerably shortened due to the crisis, will be extended until 13 September.

Pico Bogue is a family comic strip by Alexis Dormal, who makes drawings to accompany the scenarios of Dominique Roques. The series bears the name of the protagonist, a endearing young boy with a subtle sense of humour. Surrounded by his parents and his little sister Ana Ana, he pinpoints everyday events with tenderness and clear-sightedness. In a recognizable, warm and lively universe, Pico gives philosophical commentary on the world of adults. The influence of comics like Mafalda or Calvin & Hobbes is never far away!

It is therefore an ideal exhibition to visit with your family from 3 June, when the museum reopens to the public. We would like to remind you that all necessary measures will be taken to make your visit pleasant and safe.


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