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Quarantine life with Simon Spruyt


27 April 2020

For some people the quarantine measures do not change much in their daily lives. Such is the case of Simon Spruyt, Flemish comic strip artist. He works on steadily on his next graphic novel. Today, we are happy to share a sequence from his studio. 

Spruyt calls himself a comic strip engineer. He is a masterful storyteller. The tone, style and atmosphere of his graphic novels vary greatly from book to book, but are always just right. Often, his colourful artwork, witty dialogue and excentric characters are set in a somehow twisted historical setting. 

Today, he allows us a look over his shoulder while working on "De Tamboer" (working title), a far spin off of Tolstoy's War and Peace. The story centers on the life and times of a young tambour during Napoleon's Russian campaign. To be published at Le Lombard (in French) in 2021.



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