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Wauter Mannaert - Yasmina et les mangeurs de patates [Yasmina and the Potato Eaters]


14 April 2020

‘Yasmina et les mangeurs de patates’ (Yasmina and the potato eaters) (Dargaud Publishers) tells us the story of a young girl who loves to cook up healthy and tasty meals for her dad, without spending a penny. She unwinds in the kitchen using vegetables she received from her urban farmer friends or edible plants she picked herself. And occasionally, when stocks are short, she sneaks into her neighbor’s rooftop garden for a secret serving. But one day a terribly addictive potato appears on the market… and Yasmina’s supply chain is turned upside down. 


The author Wauter Mannaert has devised this fabulous little fable about food, in which he very wittily denounces the malpractices of the fast food industry. Here he shows us his scripts, his rough sketches, his lay-outs, the research he has carried out into the characters and their attitudes, his initial ink and colouring work, as well as several pages in pencil and ink. The sketchbooks show how Mannaert imagines the script while testing out colours, page lay-outs and character designs. The narrative and its visualisation are born simultaneously.


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