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Zeina Abirached - Le Piano Oriental


30 March 2020

In this difficult period, the Comics Art Museum and its teams are committed to bringing the 9th art to life through its social networks and its website. Once in a week we invite you to discover a piece from our permanent exhibition "The Art of Comic Strip". From documentation over drawing techniques, every week you will learn more on comic artists’ creative processes. 

The origin of Zeina Abirached's story: "Le Piano Oriental"

In "Le Piano Oriental", Zeina Abichared tells the story of her great-grandfather who invented a very special musical instrument: a quarter tone piano. To reproduce the 1950-1960ies Beirut in which he lived, today partially destroyed, the author took her inspiration from photos. The family photos have been taken during parties at her great-grandfather’s house in the company of Arabic music stars of the time, including Mohammed Abdel, Wahab, the great Fairuz and Enrico Macias!

Zeina Abichared draws her artwork in black and white on the computer.


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