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SAVE THE DATE: Comics @ the Museum 2

Published on 01 December 2023

FARO, the Belgian Comic Strip Center and Stripgids are planning a follow up on our international conference Comics @ the Museum, which took place in September 2022 and united some 80 heritage workers, comics creators, publishers and others. If you'd like to check out the report of that conference, you can find it here (in Dutch).



Thursday 21 March

Belgian Comic Strip Center, Zandstraat 20, 1000 Brussel 

Dutch and French. We aim for an audience that understands both national languages. We provide one abstract per lecture in the other language (than that of the speaker). Participants can express themselves in their mother tongue at all times.

Price to participate:

-       70€

-       55€ for heritage organisations and fulltime students

-       35€ for comic authors

-       Job seekers or persons with limited income can apply for a social tariff

You can sign up filling in this form.



Whereas the first edition focused on the production of complete comic books and their use in public relations, promotion and communication of (mainly) museums, we now choose three different but complementary topics.

  1. The production of a comic book
  2. Comics as part of/in an exhibition
  3. Taking over existing comic book exhibitions.



9.00: Welcome with coffee

9.30: Welcome and introduction to this second edition of Comics @ the Museum. Overview of the day and practical information, by Tine Anthoni (Belgian Comic Stirp Center) and Roel Daenen (FARO)

9.45: Heritage comics for your museum or archive: how do you make them? | Davy Jacobs and Michaël Olbrecht (Jenevermuseum, Hasselt, (winnaar aanmoedigingsprijs Stripgids 2022)) | Alain Forti and Sergio Salma (Bois du Cazier, Marcinelle) | Jonas De Mulder and Thibau Vandevoorde (KADOC, Leuven)

10.45: Coffee break

11.00: Comics as voices from (the margins of) a society. Integration of (historical) comics in exhibitions and collections | Bart Marius and Erwin Dejasse (Museum Dr. Guislain) Sébastien Pierre (Musée Piconrue)

12.00: Speeddating: time for some relaxation. Time for a little relaxation. Meet the other comics and heritage creators who are participating this day and make useful contacts!

12.30: Lunch and free visit of the museum. 

13.15: Adopting existing comic book exhibitions: do's and don'ts | Veerle Vanden Daele (Dossinkazerne)

13.45: Break-out session 1: in small groups, you will work on a fictional comic book project for a museum or heritage organisation. Each group focuses on a separate theme, and reports on its thinking. How do you create support for your project? What does your project planning look like? And where to find your comics-loving audience?

14.30: Coffee break

14.45: Break-out session 2: in small groups, you will work on a second fictional comic book project for a museum or heritage organisation. Each group focuses on a separate theme, and reports on its thinking. Which themes are under discussion? Where does your group lack know-how to come up with a good answer?

15.30: Report of the break-out sessions. Attendees from the comics field respond!

15.50: Final word Tine Anthoni (Belgian Comic Strip Center) and Roel Daenen (FARO): what do you still need to realise the comic book project of your dreams?

16.00: Guided tour of the exhibit 77 years of Le Lombard: how to exhibit comics in an interactive way? Daring to colour outside the lines to bring comics to life. The scenographers of Drôles & co did in their design for Le Lombard. A Family Affair everything they could to move away from a chronological track with pictures on the wall.


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