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The Rise of Korean Comics

Manhwa and webtoon, a new temporary exhibition to discover!

Published on 12 July 2021

From the first cartoons published in the press to the most recent webtoons, through popular characters and major series, The Rise of Korean comics invites visitors to discover the dynamics and diversity of Korean comics. By tracing more than 100 years in its development, it reveals a creative industry as a witness of its time, in perpetual evolution. 

Through several artist portraits and a selection of representative works, the exhibition gives an account of the richness of creation over the years. Visitors will be able to travel back in time to a "manhwabang", an essential reading place that developed in the country from the 1960s. They will then discover the decisive stage of manhwa, which became increasingly popular. From the 2000s, comics are also made and read digitally and Korean webtoons gradually start spreading around the world. On paper, on the internet or on our smartphones, Korean comics are always adapting to entertain readers. Reflecting their time, they never stop evolving and have not finished surprising us !


Curators : Mélanie Andrieu – Sah Hwangyu


An exhibition in collaboration with the Korea Manhwa Museum and the Korean Cultural Center of Brussels.

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