External activities

As a cultural ambassador, the Belgian Comic Strip Center is represented on all continents by means of exhibitions, conferences, creative workshops, consultancies,…

Advice and expertise

The Belgian Comic Strip Center is always prepared to act as expert for the government and for organizers of projects in Belgium and abroad (museums-to-be, festivals, events, etc). In such cases the organizing party appeals to the Center's experience and know-how in all of the areas related to its activities: from conception of an exhibition and research of documents to promotion.

An important part of these contacts give rise to lectures, conferences, and exhibitions, proposed on the five continents on the demand of the Belgian Representations abroad, particularly the Deleguations of Wallonie-Brussels (www.wbi.be).

Brussels Comic Strip Route

This route, taking in façades decorated with comic strip heroes, was first organized in 1991 by Michel Van Roye, Brussels Councillor for Urban Development and the Environment, in conjunction with the Belgian Comic Strip Center. The comic strip route adds to the revaluation of Brussels' architectural and urban heritage, both for Brussels inhabitants and visitors to the city.


Admiring comic strip façades, walls and statues encourages the discovery of the centre of Brussels and its inhabitants. The development and influence of this route and the Belgian Comic Strip Center have little by little given Brussels the status of a capital: a comic strip capital, that is!

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