Permanent exhibitions

The Invention of Comic Strip

The Birth of a Comic Strip How did the comic strip begin, and how is it defined? This exhibition takes you on a journey in enormous strides through the history of the world and its civilisations.

The Art of Comic Strip

The Art of Comic StripThis exposition proposes to explore the comic strip in all its forms, from the creative process to the range of genres that constitute the European comic strip today.

Horta and the Waucquez Warehouse

Victor Horta AreaThis exhibition tells the story of a shop the like of which is no longer seen. Now over 100 years old, this is the only semi-industrial building designed by Victor Horta still in existence today. And what an existence it has had!


The Peyo Exhibition

Peyo The new permanent BCSC exhibition, host to a plethora of little-known information and documents on this comic strip giant, complete with a highly realistic 3D Smurf village, will be a delight to children as they will be able to enter a Smurf house and play and have fun with their favourite friends.


Pieter De Poortere Auditorium

Pieter de Poortere For many years now, Dickie has been a favourite with magazines, which regularly publish his gags on a caption-free page drawn by his creator, Pieter De Poortere. The character was subsequently adopted by the screen, and short cartoons of his adventures can now be viewed at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum.



Because of the renewal of our permanent sections, the exhibition about the Belgian comic art's heroes is closed. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused by the renovation. Thank you for your understanding.

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