Marc Sleen House

After your visit of the Comics Art Museum, cross the street and visit the Marc Sleen House right opposite !  In the unique setting of a former newspaper office, the Belgian Comic Strip Center programs complimentary temporary exhibitions and activities here…

That of a storyteller and a master of the ninth art but also an inventive cartoonist.

The work of Marc Sleen, a living icon of the Flemish – speaking Belgian comic strips, is exposed in the Rue de Sables, just across the Belgian Centre for Comic Strips, in a new museum that bears his name. The choice of the building in the Rue des Sables is not random. It is in this same street, just meters from the new Marc Sleen Foundation that Nero, the main character of the author was born in 1947. At that time, the artist was an illustrator and cartoonist for the newspaper “De Nieuwe Gids”. From his office on the first floor, each time he raised his head, Marc Sleen saw the windows of the old Waucquez Warehouse, the future Belgian Centre for Comic Strips.

The Marc Sleen Museum is an initiative of the Marc Sleen Foundation, which has set its goal to protect the works of the author, to present and expand it to a wider audience. Entry tickets can be purchased at the Belgian Centre of Comic Strips.


The Instagram Generation 

From 2nd of December 2023

In this Art Deco building, where press and comic art history has been written, 13 young, talented comic book artists were allowed to work on their comics. Young comic artists in an old setting, from a time when comics still appeared in print in newspapers such as Le Peuple and De Nieuwe Gids that once had their home here. The current generation of comic book authors is no longer familiar with these publication methods. They put themselves in the spotlight using modern technology. This way, they get international attention, build up a fan base, interact with their audience and promote their work on a free platform. Make room for and meet the Instagram generation!


Artists : Julia Reynaud / Lode Peeters / Karolina Szejda / Eliot Vandenheede / Miel Vandepitte / Victor Pellet / Thibau Vande Voorde / Yasmine Stalpaert / Mattias Ysebaert

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