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Marvano - Berlin

Marvano's most recent project uses a generic title: Berlin, a town that serves as a backdrop for three stories.

The first and second volumes, Les Sept Nains and Reinhard le Goupil, introduce an British pilot, Stuart, a former crew member of the Sept Nains who piloted for the Berlin air lift in 1948. Although the third volume of the trilogy, Deux Enfants du Roi, takes place in our times, the main character is trying to find out what happened to the protagonists of the two previous volumes, particularly at the time of the construction of the Berlin wall.

With Berlin, Marvano has doubtlessly reached a peak in his career. In any case, this trilogy is the work of a great author. An author in the traditional sense of the word, as well, since realistic comic strip authors who do both the scenario and the drawings are becoming increasingly rare. In his remarkable trilogy, Marvano tells the story of real people who have not always seen the bright side of life. But their touching story is ours too. What happens to them is directly related to international historical events, so the story goes beyond the psychology of their interaction by placing the context in history. And where else but Berlin were the dice cast for the destiny of the 20th century. Even today, the great happenings that took place in this city are still influencing current international events.

Marvano's scenario is not just a strong, realistic story staged Berlin, it is also a thought-provoking comment on our past, our present and our future. The Belgian Comicscenter is very pleased to present this opus magnum by Marvano in our Gallery.

Jean Auquier


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