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Brussel in Beeldekes ('little sketches of Brussels')

29 flemish comic strip artists made an adaptation of 15 popular legends of Brussels.

For 30 years now, Vlaamse Onhafankelijke Stripguilde (the independent association of comic strip artists in Flanders) has been a fundamental lever for the profession. The association not only offers young authors and experienced talent an informal interface for getting together, it also very concretely initiates fascinating projects.  This is certainly the case for "Brussel in Beeldekes" (little sketches of Brussels), a joint project of the Stripgilde, the Brussels Heritage Cell and the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art.  This partnership shows the enormous pool of talent in the Stripgilde and once again demonstrates that, day by day, the heart of Brussels beats for comic strips.

Willem De Graeve, BCSC

Vlaamse Onhafankelijke Stripgilde (the independent association of comic strip artists in Flanders) is now in its 30th year.  This is a good reason to celebrate the event and to proudly look back on how far it has come.  On 22 November 1978 in Leuven, comic strip authors created a professional association. Hec Leemans remembers the beginning in these terms: "We were so enthusiastic, and the most important thing we wanted to do was to create a place where artists and authors could meet each other and learn to get to know each other ..."

This is still the objective of the Stripgilde today. But now, we have more resources to achieve it.  Via internet, artists and authors can exchange their work, put it in a forum, and discuss touchy question of contracts. The Stripgilde also wants to create links with young authors who have adopted a voluntarily non-commercial approach – as of course they have every right to do.  We are pleased that some of them have agreed to contribute to this album, which shows that Flanders has great talent that deserves the attention of a broad international audience.

The Stripgilde would like to thank the BCCSA for its role as an interface, as well as the Flemish Community Commission – without its support this initiative would never have seen the light.

Marc Verhaegen, Stripgilde

The Brussels Heritage Cell fulfils a contract on heritage with the Community Commission and the Flemish Community.  Our agreement enables the Flemish Community Commission to develop a heritage policy worthy of Brussels, and to bring out the cultural heritage of Brussels, both tangible and intangible.  The year of Comic Strips is an ideal opportunity for the Heritage Cell to unveil some of the stories and legends of Brussels and to share them with a broad audience.  Popular stories are an integral part of our cultural heritage that should be maintained and transmitted to future generations.  In this magnificent album, you will discover a broad selection of popular stories from Brussels, some with a proven historical basis, and others that are pure imagination.  All of them reflect a unique image of the times when they were created.

To accompany this album, Art Basics for Children is enacting an educational project with a Kamishibai (Japanese theater) and a creative workshop, where children can make up their own comic strips.  Trips will also be organized to have a look at the historical and social context of these popular stories.

Mieke Maes, Brussels Heritage Cell


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