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A new out of the ordinary passport!

In February 2022, the Belgian passport changes its look and invites you on a trip in the company of world-famous Belgian comics characters!

Discover it here from a new angle and try to recognize who is hidden on each visa page of the ordinary passport.

For each picture, you will find 2 visuals:

  1. A traditional ink print, as you will see it in your passport.
  2. A simulation of printing in UV ink, normally invisible to the naked eye and only revealed under a UV lamp like those of international border controls.

The superposition of the 2 inks inside the design itself is one of the many security elements intended to protect your passport and therefore your identity.


The passport is issued by the FPS Foreign Affairs and was produced by the Zetes-Thales consortium in close collaboration with the Office for the Suppression of Forgeries of the Belgian Federal Police and  and the publishing houses, authors and/or rights holders of the characters used.



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