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André Taymans - Caroline Baldwin, L'ombre de la chouette

The comic creator, André Taymans, who has completed about fifty albums since 1990, soon found his style, highly effective, being characterised by clarity and simplicity.

He was able to adapt to very different worlds: he ensured the revival of Lefranc in the style of Jacques Martin and Sibylline in the style of Macherot, an achievement that demonstrates the full extent of his know-how.  In 1996, having worked with several scriptwriters, he began to write his own stories and completed the first great adventure featuring Caroline Baldwin, a modern, very engaging female investigator.  For the last fifteen years, André Taymans has taken his heroine all over the world, and for each new adventure, he has afforded himself the luxury of spending time at the various locations in order to absorb the local atmosphere, culture and mentality.                                             
The Belgian Comic Strip Center is certainly welcoming a great professional into its Gallery!                          

JC De la Royère, BCSC.

In Paris, the FBI agent, Gary Scott, only just escapes with his life when investigating the disappearance of the American Embassy’s cultural attaché, who, in the throes of dying has time to give Gary a crumpled one dollar note.  A short time afterwards, in open country about 100 kilometres from New York, Caroline Baldwin miraculously escapes an assassination attempt thanks to the intervention of an unknown person who shoots her assailants.  In that instance too, a one dollar note seemed to be at the heart of the affair….

André Taymans became famous in 1996 with his flagship series, Caroline Baldwin.  Moreover, he worked as a scriptwriter with Eric Lenaerts on the series, La Fugitive, and, together with Erwin Drèze, he took up the brush of Jacques Martin to revive the series of Lefranc with Le Maître de l’Atome and Londres en péril.

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