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Asgard, by Ralph Meyer and Xavier Dorison (Dargaud Publications)

The Gallery of the Belgian Comic Strip Centre now hosts an exhibition of the artwork panels for a remarkable comic strip created by authors at the peak of their artistic talent. The story is thrilling, the overlay effective, the dialogue sparing and spirited, and the drawing strikingly mature.


uch mastery of their art enables these modern authors to tackle a legendary theme – a warrior fighting the gods – without a trace of grandiloquence. An impressive album indeed, and we can’t wait for the conclusion.


JC De la Royère, BCSC


The album


It is the year 800...Several drakkars and fishing boats disappaer in the Scandinavian fjords….A young slavegirl named Sieglind has a miraculous escape from the wreck of a fishing boat on which she worked. She is taken in by Asgard, known as “ iron foot ”, a former Viking warrior turned contract hunter and capable of capturing the most extraordinary prey.

Born with only one foot, the Viking should have been killed at birth by his own father. However, his father refused and gave his son the name of the land of the gods.

Asgard led the life of a fighting warrior before becoming a “hunter of monsters”. The existence of one such monster in the Noordland territories gave him a fresh opportunity to achieve fantastic success and perhaps thereby regain a place at the court of Jarl, the Viking king.

Accompanied by one of the king’s emissaries, a skald priest and a master fisherwoman, Asgard and Sieglind board a drakkar with one simple aim, namely to find and kill the creature haunting the fjords…


The artist


Ralph Meyer was born on 11 August, 1971. Given that he was born in Paris and comic strip haunted his childhood dreams, what was he to do? He heard of the Institut Saint-Luc in Liege, and so, in 1990, Ralph Meyer set off for Belgium.

The Berceuse Assassine trilogy, with a script written by Philippe Tome, culminated its run with the award of the Abracadabulles Prize in 2002. In 2003, Meyer tackled IAN, the adventures of a futuristic robot cop with a script written by Fabien Vehlman.

In 2008, Meyer met Xavier Dorison at the opening of the series, XIII Mystery. Together they revived the mythical character, Mongoose.

Now they are collaborating on an exciting diptych entitled Asgard.


Dargaud Publications


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