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Bastien Vivès

Amitié étroite – Dans mes Yeux (KSTR, Casterman)

By exhibiting Bastien Vivès at the top of the Gallery, the Belgian Comic Strip Center greets one of the most promising new talents in French comics.

Winner of the Essential Best Newcomer in Angouleme in January 2009 for “le Goût de Chlore” (The taste of Chlorine), he published “Dans mes yeux” in spring of 2009, drawn exclusively with color crayons. This fall, he is back again in the KSTER collection by Casterman publishers with “Amitié étroite” (Close friendships), a new work done exclusively on the computer. The BCSC is exhibiting a selection of computer print outs for this new album, plus originals of “Dans mes Yeux”. Bastien Vivès (25 years old) masters all the techniques to express the intimacy of emotions in images and has an exceptional skill for storytelling.


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