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Danish comics on new adventures

During the Christmas holidays, we are happy to present to you the first exhibit of Danish comics in the Brussels Comics Art Museum. The exhibited artists include Danish award winners, internationally published illustrators and internet darlings. You discover the history of Danish comics and how they are an interesting mix of traditional French comics and US comics in terms of style. The exhibition is based on an exhibit created for Art Bubble at Dokk1 in 2021.


Amongst the exhibit illustrators are Henrik Rehr (Dostoïevski-Le Soleil Noir), Palle Schmidt (Stiletto), Lars Kramhøft (Something Awful is Always Just About to Happen), Lina Rosé Saxtorph (Anepantla), Bjørk Matias Friis (Tall Tales of Midgard: Shadow of the Bound One), Lars Jakobsen (Mortensen’s Escapades), Nikolaj Lauritzen (Harald Bluetooth), Tatiana Goldberg (Kijara), and Frank Madsen and Sussi Bech (Eks Libris). In addition, the exhibit will feature classic Danish comics Willy på Eventyr by Harry Nielsen, Aage Grauballe and Tage Andersen, Ferd’nand by Henning Dahl Mikkelsen aka MIK, and Petzi - created by Carla and Vilhelm Hansen - and represented in the exhibit by Thierry Capezzone who has illustrated the series for over a decade.

The exhibit also features original artwork by each of the exhibited artists - preliminary and inked pages as well as fully painted interior pages and covers.


From 21/12 until 7/01 in the salle de l'horloge.


The exhibition is sponsored by "Danske Tegneserieskabere" (The Danish Comic Authors), an independent national guild of professional comics artists and writers. You can check out samples of more than 100 titles from 64 authors at their website for foreign rights:


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