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Julie Maroh

Le bleu est une couleur chaude

Clémentine’s life is turned upside down the day she meets Emma, a young girl with blue hair who leads her to discover the many facets of desire.

Emma is to allow her finally to stop worrying about what other people think.

This sweet and sensitive tale arrived quietly by post at our offices of Glénat Benelux, like so many other packages full of their author’s hopes. Sadly the majority of them are lacking in originality and full of clumsy turns of phrase. This is the lot of writing and publishing. It’s all about selection.

When I read the draft by this young French author living in Brussels, I was immediately struck by the rhythm of the narrative and above all by its ring of personal experience, its candor and lack of militancy.

Every draft is discussed around the table to gauge opinions, and everyone reacts differently according to their sensibilities. In this case the enthusiasm was widespread and infectious.

That is how this book over 150 pages came to enrich the Glénat catalogue.  While it was being written we were able to accompany Julie through her artistic \"labour pains\".

So here it is, the finished book, having reached the final stage.

It is my sincere belief that everyone, whatever their attitude to feminine homosexuality, will feel passionate about this book. For it is a book about passions, about love and tenderness, beyond prejudice.

Paul Herman

Editor – Glénat Benelux


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