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Le clan de la rivière sauvage

Renaud Dillies & Régis Hautière - Editions La Gouttière

Warning to the reader : what you are looking at is not a book. It is a door. One of the doors to a fabulous world, a world of adventure and magic, a world of emotions, laughter and horror : the world of the Great Storytellers.

 In the small village of Saint-Isidore, life is quiet. A little too quiet for young Zaki, who dreams of living the adventures he finds in books. Until the day when Anacharsis, the Great Travelling Storyteller, arrives and tells the inhabitants a story about pirates. When Zaki and his friend Choco learn that the old man is going to leave without finishing his story, they decide to find out the end by themselves. They break into the storyteller's room to read his gigantic collection, and are surprised by that pest Melie and her little sister Loulou. The four children are far from imagining the power of the book they are about to leaf through, or the envy it may attract...

Les éditions de la Gouttière


A brotherhood of Great Storytellers, a magical book, possible passages between several worlds, a treasure hunt... all fascinating elements that promise an extraordinary adventure ! Alongside the endearing characters of the "Clan of the Wild River", the story, rich in twists and turns, written by Régis Hautière, takes the reader into a captivating imaginary world. This journey into the land of tales is drawn under the sensitive and delicate strokes of Renaud Dillies whose expressive graphic work, accentuated by the dynamic colouring of Christophe Bouchard, alternates styles and moods to carry the story. After having combined their talents on the very poetic titles Abélard and Alvin (Dargaud), the two authors are once again teaming up to offer an original youth series. With this exhibition, the BCSC invites young and old to discover an adventure placed under the sign of friendship and suspense, which celebrates the magic of words, books and stories...

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