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Maître Corbaque


Through this exhibition of plates from the first volume of Maître Corbaque in its Gallery the BCSC hails an initiative new to the comic strip world: the idea of appealing to internet users to fund albums.

This practice, common in the music business, finds its first fruition here, unsurprisingly rewarding two successful authors who already have a strong presence in the youth press. In a way this choice by the web surfers has the value of a referendum, and the BCSC applauds E411 and Zidrou who have brilliantly led the field in the race to succeed!

JC de la Royère, BCSC

A fast-food multinational sentenced to pay out millions of dollars to a customer scalded by a cup of boiling hot coffee… Dozens of absurd judgments like this have been passed in America, and Europe is just beginning to catch up in this area.
This judicial machine gone mad was bound to inspire the humorists one day.
In \"Que Justice soit (mal) faite !\", E411 and Zidrou settle their scores with a particular type of lawyer less interested in the ideal of justice than in the share of the cake they might claim if their client wins exorbitant damages plus interest. Maître Corbaque is just such a lawyer.
Any resemblance to persons living or dead would of course be purely coincidental, since things like this don’t happen in the real world! is the first community comic strip publishing house to be based on \"crowdfunding\", which allows comic strip authors to pursue projects financed and promoted by internet users (known in Belgium as \"édinautes\"). The first album published, “Que Justice soit (mal) faite !”, was funded by 141 édinautes who invested sums ranging from €10 to €1900.

Zidrou is an ex-primary school teacher who wrote for the magazine \"Spirou\" from 1991 before creating various series such as \"Les Crannibales\", \"Le Boss\" etc. and the highly successful \"L’élève Ducobu\" and \"Tamara\". A protean scriptwriter, he is as talented at humour as at the darker or more tender registers.

E411 co-wrote \"Max et Bouzouki\" with scriptwriter Falzar. The pair then produced \"Edwin et les Twins\" (winner of the \"Mickey\" readers’ Grand Prix 2009). He has also written numerous communication cartoon strips for the Accor group and assists with animation at \"Spirou\", where \"Maître Corbaque\" came into being in 1998.

(Sandawe Publishers)


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