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The Houba Show !

The Marsupilamus Fantasii, that secret and fascinating animal, has been accompanying the readers of Spirou for several Amazonian springs by now. His first appearance dates from 1952 in the album Spirou et les héritiers. In this album, Fantasio and his horrible cousin Zantafio are in charge of bringing back a specimen of this extremely rare animal, living only in Palombia. But it is in the episode of The Nest of the Marsupilamis that the future star of comic art will definitively enter the legend. This mythical book is a real goldmine of laughter, dazzlement, adventure and discovery.

To mark this bouncy anniversary, the Belgian Comic Strip Centre is organising an exhibition that will allow you to take your first steps into the Palermo jungle, literally and figuratively. In a torrid and tropical environment, you will discover fantastic original drawings by Batem, Franquin, Frank Pé, Goum... But also drawings, mythical collectors' items and settings more Marsupilamian than real life. The little ones can try to put together a Marsupilami tail in a puzzle, or discover the immersive film that is shown in the Parc Spirou. And it is not impossible that the whole family will have the idea of building their own nest on the walls of this dazzling building designed by Victor Horta, the master of European art nouveau.


Curator: Thierry Tinlot

Exhibition design: Quentin van Tongelen


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