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Nicolas Vadot

Maudit mardi! – Volume 2 (Sandawé Publishing)

The Belgian Comic Strip Center is pleased to welcome the works of a very Belgian French-British-Australian author, a cartoonist by trade and a comic strip artist by vocation.

The author of two richly satirical works devoted to George W. Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy (just the mention of their names causes hilarity), Vadot confirms his multi-talent as a storyteller in Maudit Mardi!, highly acclaimed by far-sighted web users. For this we thank them!

JC De la Royère – CBBD

Nicolas Vadot
Born in 1971, Nicolas Vadot published his first cartoon in Le Vif/L’Express in 1993. In 1999 the magazine’s editors gave him his own weekly page, "La Semaine de Vadot", for his cartoons on national and international political affairs, and then page 3 of the daily newspaper. He also drew regular cartoons for the daily "L’Echo". His drawings won him several international accolades. They were compiled in a number of collections: The George W. Bush Years, 200 dessins qui fâchent, Onde de Choc and Casse-toi pauv' con!
An atypical cartoonist, in 2001 Vadot published the trilogy Norbert l’Imaginaire and then 80 Jours, both co-scripted by Olivier Guéret. In 2009 he brought out his first solo album, Neuf Mois, followed in 2011 by the first volume of the diptych Maudit Mardi!

Maudit Mardi !
"I’ve found out that I’m going to die on a Tuesday. That means for six days out of seven I’m indestructible."
Obsessed by the certainty that he is going to die on a Tuesday – but which one? Next Tuesday? The one after? In fifty years’ time? — Achille is caught up in a living nightmare.
Setting off to Hawkmoon to find Rebecca, will he meet his end?
This seedy town seems to be pulling him into its grasp so that he can finally settle his scores.
Redemption will be violent.
As for Rebecca, she is still in pursuit of the happiness of her youth, but increasingly mistrustful of this man who has emerged from the past, with his disturbing secrets and his real motives which must now be revealed. And this fateful day may well fall on a Tuesday!


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