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Noces de Papier

Even though comic strip art has increasingly gained official recognition over the last few decades, young authors are nevertheless finding it more and more difficult to develop a career. The Belgian Comic Strip Centre can therefore only praise the appearance of the new comic strip art magazine entitled ‘64_page’, whose laudable mission is to encourage the creation of comic strips. In just four issues over one year, 64_page has already provided an excellent platform for a whole host of talented young authors. For most of them, this is not only the first time that they are having their work published, but they now also have the opportunity to take part in their very first exhibition. Willem De Graeve, Belgian Comic Strip Centre

Now that virtually all of the magazines that were fully dedicated to comic strip art have disappeared from the shelves, this vital link between schools and the professional world has also fallen by the wayside. Thus the idea of launching 64_page was born. The magazine acts as a launching pad for young authors who are often extremely talented, but really left to fend for themselves.
Half of the magazine’s pages are dedicated to them. They present a complete story, without any restrictions on technique or topic, or aesthetics. The main focus is on the potential and the originality of the project. Each issue also introduces a ‘heart-throb’ author; an established and shining example of the 9th Art.
And finally, just to complete the picture, a few headings which may be one-offs to cover other aspects of the medium. What more could we possibly ask for?
An exhibition? Original panels?
Well, here they are, to celebrate our first anniversary within the magical setting of the Belgian Comic Strip Centre!

Philippe Decloux, 64_page


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