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Simon Spruyt & Fritz Van den Heuvel

De Bamburgers: Rust en Vrede Pub. Silvester

In 2006, the first adventures of the \"Bamburgers\" were voted Best Youth Album by the society Het Stripschap and nominated for the Flemish comic strip prize, the Bronze Adhemar.


The publication of the third title in the series, \"Rust en Vrede\", further emphasises the affinity between the scriptwriter and his artist, the inimitably expressive style of Simon Spruyt so well matched by the humour of writer Fritz Van den Heuvel. The fruit of their collaboration is a captivating journey to the little kingdom of Nordania. Young and not so young readers hold their breath as they follow the fantastic adventures of the house of Bamburger. The last in the Bamburger line, King Ludwig, would rather go fishing than attend the national day celebrations… This delightful moment of absurd humour easily earns this third episode of the Bamburgers its place in the Gallery!


Willem De Graeve, BCSC


In the album \"Rust en Vrede\", the little kingdom of Nordania is thrown into turmoil by an assassination attempt against the Bamburgers. Or was it merely an accident? While the little princes set off to find their grandmother, King Ludwig does all he can to foil the enemies of the state. He cannot rely too heavily on the assistance of his minister Haring to reestablish law and order. And as for Queen Divina, she is far too preoccupied with her wardrobe…


\"De Bamburgers indisputably ranks among the world’s best comic strips for children: it is an entertainment of great artistic value, aimed at young people aged from 10 to 77 years.\"

Gert Meesters in Focus Knack (talking about \"Koning Leo\", the second album in the series).


Belgian comic strip duo Simon & Fritz

Scriptwriter Fritz Van den Heuvel himself drew a number of albums, mainly for Humo, before working in radio and television. He also pursued a career as a comedian before devoting himself entirely to writing and drawing from 2007. He is currently studying for a doctorate in the arts while putting the finishing touches to his first graphic novel, \"Het Zotte Geweld\". Besides drawing the \"Bamburgers\", artist Simon Spruyt also creates his own comic strips. \"De Furox\" is a fantasy-style comic strip which could easily be the subject of a Steven Spielberg film. \"SGF\" is a fictional reconstruction of the life and works of S.G.F. Spruyt, one of the main comic strip entrepreneurs of his times. The album was awarded the prize for Best Dutch Album in 2011 by the Vlaamse Onafhankelijke Stripgilde.



Silvio Van der Loo, Silvester Publishers


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