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77 years of Romanian comics

It is to the credit of Romanian comic strip artists that they have been able to produce such original work of great talent – the fruit of a long inheritance – in the trials and tribulations of a century during which their society has suffered particularly.

Sustained by the few European magazines that penetrated the Wall, readers had to wait for the arrival of democracy to see the gradual blossoming of the various genres that make up the rich tapestry that is present-day comic strip.  Since then, Dodo Nita, who is president of the Romanian Association of Comic Strip enthusiasts, has worked tirelessly to uncover the works that pepper the history of Romanian comic strip, encouraged by current authors who have no hesitation in entrusting their works to them.  It is this unexplored treasure – original illustrations and panels – that is the subject matter of the exhibition that the Belgian Comic Strip Centre is proud to present.

Curator: Alexandru Ciubotariu

With the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute


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