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Bob De Moor and the Sea

A famous cartoon artist’s great passion

In 1956, two remarkable men boarded the freighter, the Reine Astrid, for a fact-finding cruise in the North Sea. This was how Hergé and Bob De Moor did the preparatory work for the publication of the Tintin story The Red Sea Sharks.

Over and above his very important collaboration with Hergé which was part of his life from 1950, Bob De Moor (1925-1992) produced a rich and original body of work that is one of the most significant in European comic strip, while at the same time remaining faithful to his Antwerp and maritime roots.  The exhibition to be held at the Belgian Comic Strip Center has decided to focus on the attraction he felt for the sea and boats.  From the first evidence of this passion in his schoolboy exercise books to the progressive development of his masterpiece, Cori le Moussaillon (Cori the Cabin boy), Bob de Moor never stopped looking at the sea, dreaming of boats and inventing stories of sailors.


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