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European Comic Strip Treasures

At a time when Belgium is holding the presidency of the European Union, the Belgian Comic Centre is delighting the general public with an exceptional selection of original comic strips extracted from so many major works produced by European comic strip artists and writers in the last one hundred years.

Fifty authors, ranging from Alain de Saint-Ogan and Hergé to Peter Madsen, Christophe Blain and Posy Simmonds, will be put in the spotlight at this exhibition of European Comic Treasures organised by the Belgian Comic Centre (CBBD). There are also others who go by the name of Jijé, David Lloyd, Uderzo, Franquin, Hugo Pratt, Joann Sfar, Marc Sleen, Vittorio Giardino, François Schuiten, Ruben Pellejero and Grzegorz Rosinski, who originate from the four corners of Europe.

Their original works are valuable for more than one reason: they are originals of the best works, rare gems salvaged from disastrous times, treasures of harmony and spirit of invention… Visitors can let their eyes feast upon their favourites among the exceptional works born from European artists, and which have rarely left the private collections that shelter them.


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