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Leemans by Leemans

As a real tenor of flemish comic strips Hec Leemans published his first works in the daily newspaper Het Volk in 1969. Ever since the creator of Bakelandt hasn’t ceased telling stories in images.

But besides the personal work of this popular author– the humoristic comic strip series F.C.De Kampioenen that runs paralel with the very popular TV show, is beating all sales records in Flanders – Leemans is a cultivated man with a heart and nose for the works of others. Throughout the exhibition that the BCSC devotes to him, Hec Leemans chooses to share his artistic emotions with us.

Hec Leemans was born in 1950. In his 40-year career as a cartoonist, he has learned it all in both realistic and comic genres. His breakthrough as a realistic cartoonist – there are not too many in Flanders – came with the newspaper cartoon Bakelandt, and today with F.C. De Kampioenen he has created one of the best-selling comic series based on a successful Flemish TV sitcom. Between those two major series there have been a lot of other creations, including Nino, an international success. As a scriptwriter, he has helped launch the careers of a number of cartoonists. In addition, Hec Leemans is active in various Belgian cartoon associations that are working to gain greater recognition for the cartoon medium. So, in addition to being a respected all-round author, who has mastered both drawing and writing of comic strips, he is also a committed professional. This exhibit tries to cover some aspects of Leemans' personality, as he tells his own story in his creations, original drawings and favourite quotes, plus a glimpse of his bookcase


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