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Pico Bogue and his family

In this original series Belgian author Alexis Dormal illustrates the scripts of his mother, Dominique Roques. Their work finds inspiration in their everyday life and comic strip characters such as Calvin & Hobbes or Mafalda. Working closely together, the mother and son team creates a gentle, vivid and mischievous world, illustrated in watercolours for added spontaneity and flow.

Pico Bogue is a naughty little boy who is growing up in his family with his little sister Ana Ana. His sometimes-scathing repartee often echoes the challenges and contradictions of the world today. Depicted in his day-to-day life, with his family, at school or on holiday, Pico has a curious mind and often questions his nearest and dearest. By talking about love, friendship, art and the meaning of life, the series touches on universal themes which speak to each and every one of us and are close to our heart. The Belgian Comics Art Museum is delighted to invite young and old to discover this endearing world which is packed with humour and good humour!


Exhibition curator: Mélanie Andrieu


With the support of the Brussels-Capital Region.


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