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Squarely Furry

Little Furry wakes up every morning and hurries to the toilet which is far too big for him. He then hurriedly tucks into his breakfast, gives his mummy a kiss, and then briskly walks to school. To school? There is nothing more uncertain, as adventure awaits him on the corner of the street.

This unchanging pattern, with different variations each time, is the invention of comic artist Pierre Bailly and scriptwriter Céline Fraipont, who have created a completely wordless comic book accessible to children from the age of 3.

Highly colourful, this playful exhibition invites children to climb, jump, hide and crawl, from one panel to the next, immersing themselves in a different adventure each time, just like Little Furry.


Curator : Sophie Baudry
Exhibition design : class DSAA 1 EM, école Boulle (Paris)
Project management : Stéphane Regnier


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