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RACISM-OUT, the Comics Art Museum launches its campaign against racism

Published on 12 September 2018

A museum is an exceptional tool that actively takes part in the life of a society and the reflection on its values.

At a time when segregation based upon race, gender, culture or income is once again gaining force, it seems necessary more than ever to show that our values are incompatible with racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

Today, we are with those women and men who support victims of racism or segregation. We will not tolerate the expression of these ideas within our walls.

With this logo at the entrance of our exhibition space we do not want to deny access to our venue to anyone. We only want to fight certain attitudes and a certain behavior.

If you share the ideas of the Belgian Comic Strip Center, use our RACISM-OUT logo and spread it!

Too many walls are built to hinder a more equal distribution of our planet’s natural resources, as well as those resources related to progress. A retreat to oneself, to what is known, is an impoverishment, openness to others enriches. 

Walls are more than ideas or constructions of the mind. They are also symbols. Whether we erect them out of pity or piety, they should also remind us as human beings that our own happiness is partly in the hands of fellow men and women on the other side.


                                                                                  Jean Auquier, General Manager

                                                                                  Brussels, 12 September 2018

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