Tours for groups

For primary schools

A treasure hunt has been developed in French and Dutch for school groups who wish to explore the museum and the masters of comic art. Please consult the 100 masters page in French or Dutch for more information.

Price: 60€ per class, bovenop de prijs van de toegangstickets

Duration: 1h00

Download the treasure map via this link :

Themed guided tour : masterworks

Our guides will invite you on an expedition to the most beautiful pieces of the Comics Art Museum currently on display. More so than during a normal tour they will provide in-depth explanations on these works. What is the story behind each of these works? How is the drawing built up? Which techniques are used? They also focus on the challenges of a modern comic art museum: how do we build the collection? What are the conservation issues? Is it necessary to show original artwork, or can we be satisfied showing only reproductions, decors and enlarged prints?

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