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‘The Godfrrrrsaken Island’ [L'Île carrément perdue]

By Sti and Luc Cromheecke

The collaboration between Luc Cromheecke and Sti has resulted in one of the funniest comic strip series ever. We already know that Luc Cromheecke has a fantastic feeling for comic strip humour from his highly popular series Plunk and Tom Carbon. ‘The Godfrrrrsaken Island’ [L'Île carrémentperdue] is further proof of that. This absurd sense of humour not only fits in seamlessly with the light-hearted nonsense produced by the Flemish grand masters, such as Marc Sleen and Willy Vandersteen, but it is also reminiscent of top British comedy in the vein of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers. A visit to our Gallery will hardly ever have been as much fun as in the summer 2014.

Willem De Graeve, Belgian Comic Strip Center

A Belgian graphic artist, a French scriptwriter, a Dutch and Swiss publishing company, the comic strip series ‘The Godfrrrrsaken Island’ [L'Île carrémentperdue] may most definitely be labelled as an international collaboration. The hilarious comic strip by graphic artist Luc Cromheecke and scriptwriter Sti made its debut in February 2011 in the French-language weekly comic strip ‘Spirou’ and was later also published in the comic strip magazines ‘Stripgids’ and ‘Eppo’, for example. The second book from the comic strip series is now published both in French and in Dutch.

‘The Godfrrrrsaken Island’ [L'Île carrément perdue] tells of the adventures of a castaway and his dog, who get washed up on what seems to be a desert island. It turns out, however, that this paradise of an island is inhabited by rowdy pirates, head-hunting natives in search of civilisation, talking penguins, arguing crabs, hordes of zombies and menacing rabbits. The combination of the witty and cleverly thought-out scenarios by Sti and the side-splitting graphic talent of Luc Cromheecke produces a hilarious and absurd comic strip in which the men use all the most commonly known clichés about desert islands and exploit them to the full. The quick succession of comical stories, the jokes and general silliness makes people laugh until it hurts.

Since the 1980s, Luc Cromheecke (1961) has been an integral part of the comic strip world and he is famous due to his immensely popular comic strip series, such as ‘Tom Carbon’, ‘Taco Zip’, ‘Roboboy’ and ‘Plunk’.

Ronan Lefebvre (1974), better known by his pseudonym of Sti, has dreamed up story lines for countless comic strips (e.g. ‘Michel chien fidèle’, ‘Ze Jacky Touch’ and ‘Les Zorgs de Barbarie’) and also draws his own comic strip series ‘Les Rabbit’.

The Publishers

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