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Alvin – part 1

Renaud DILLIES/ Régis HAUTIÈRE, Dargaud Publisher

This summer we have decided to exhibit a lovely comic book based on an animal story that will appeal both to the young and old. However, do not be deceived by its sweet appearance because the story actually portrays a very realistic social drama set against the skilfully designed backdrop of New York in the 1930s, a time when the immigrant population was busy building sky-scrapers in unthinkable conditions.

JC De la Royère, Comics Art Museum


His friend has disappeared and grumpy Gaston sets off for New York in great despair. It’s hopeless, however! His karma dictates that he come to the aid of little ones who always have a thousand and one questions! Alvin, a crabby little orphan, will take advantage of his generous soul. We see them travelling along the roadside in the company of a wacky preacher! This blend of beautiful poetry, belligerent dialogue and masterly drawings is a wonderful ode to diversity and mutual support.

Régis Hautière was born in 1969. He is the organiser of the Amiens comic strip festival and has written several comic books: Le Dernier Envol [The Last Flight] (Awarded the prize of the Décoincez la bulle [Unleash the Bubble] festival in Angoulême, France), Au-delà des nuages [Beyond the Clouds] (voted best aeronautical comic strip at the Bourget festival) and L’étrange affaire des corps sans vie [The Strange Case of the Lifeless Bodies] (voted best comic book at the festivals of Moulins and Olonne-sur-Mer). He is the author of the two-part story Abélard, with graphics by Renaud Dillies and published by Dargaud. In 2015, this duo is back on the scene to tell us about the adventures of Abélard’s little fellow traveller, grumpy Gaston.

Renaud Dillies was born in 1972. Just like all other self-respecting comic strip authors, “at school he prefers looking out of the window to watch the trees rather than focus on the blackboard.” He enrols at Saint-Luc and subsequently at the Tournai Academy of Fine Arts. Just at the point when he is thinking of giving up comic strip art, Renaud Dillies is awarded the prize of best comic book in Angoulême with Betty Blues. He subsequently goes on to publish Sumato, Mister Plumb and Mélodie du Crépuscule [Twilight Melody]. Bulles et nacelle is the first comic book he has had published by Dargaud. This is followed by the two-part story Abélard and the one shot Saveur coco [Taste of Coconut]. In 2015, he returns to tell us about the adventures of grumpy Gaston, Abélard’s travelling companion.

Dargaud Publishers.

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