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by Charel and Marc Legendre

Of all the famous comic strip spin-offs, there are only few that have had as much success as Amoras. This six-part cycle, which was launched two years prior to Spike and Suzy’s 70th anniversary, interprets Willy Vandersteen’s famous comic strip heroes in a daring and headstrong way. Its success is due just as much to the fantastic story-telling talent of Marc Legendre as Charel Cambré’s flexible and modern style of drawing.  The open-mindedness of Vandersteen’s heirs and of the publishers has naturally been a determining factor.

The making of Amoras not only shows how one of the greatest Dutch-language comic strip successes has come about in recent years, but it also provides a fascinating insight for anyone who generally wants to learn more about the creative process involved in producing a comic strip story.

Willem De Graeve, Belgian Comics Art Museum


Just one flash of light was all it took to change Spike and Suzy’s world forevermore. One push on the wrong button signalled the end of their friendship. They were torn apart, and dropped into an unknown environment. Amoras is “Spike and Suzy Differently” – it is a comic strip series that takes place in the near future, in which the characters of the well-known series turn into a more realistic, rougher and a little older version of themselves.



Charel attended an Animation course at KASK in Ghent and subsequently worked in the cartoon industry. However, comic strips were always his great passion. Studio 100 commissioned him to create the Spring and Mega Mindy comic series, and at that time he also joined the new Studio Vandersteen team to collaborate on Spike and Suzy.  

Charel was given his own comic strip series, which was entitled Jump. Besides Amoras he also draws Filip van België [Philippe of Belgium] and cartoons for Story and Sport/Voetbalmagazine.


Marc first started his career as the chief editor of the weekly comic Tintin, whilst simultaneously publishing his first comic strip stories in the weekly comic Spirou. He gained fame with the series Biebel and Sam, and is currently writing scenarios for the Rode Ridder [Red Knight]. His collaboration with Wilbert van der Steen (Ayak + Por) gave us a real surprise in 2014. After launching the weekly Spike and Suzy comic, Marc Legendre and his wife sailed around the world.  Now they live on the island of El Hierro, where he spends his days writing and gazing at the ocean.

In 2013, Marc Legendre was awarded the Bronze Adhemar/Flemish Prize for Culture.

Sven Denis, Standaard Publishers


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