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Andy, A Factual Fairytale

Typex, Published by Scratch Books

After producing his audacious comic book entitled Rembrandt, Typex has now delved into the universe of Andy Warhol. His latest amazing comic book has taken him five years to complete. The highly documented story tells Andy Warhol’s life story and reflects the excitement of an exceptional era and artistic scene. The selection of artwork on display in the Gallery gives the visitor an insight into Typex’s dynamic style of drawing, which perfectly matches Warhol’s turbulent life and gradually evolves as the story goes on. Typex could not care less about the rules of comic strip making or art history and offers his readership an original vision, by making maximum use of the size, shape and style of the panels and by alternating ambiances and colours. The Comics Art Museum is therefore only too happy to honour the talent of this exceptional artist, and to enable its visitors to come and explore this brilliant homage to a leading 20th century idol!

Mélanie Andrieu, Belgian Comic Strip Center



The ten volumes of The Many Lives of Andy Warhol tracks Andy’s development from a poor kid in the industrial city of Pittsburgh to becoming a leading light in the art world, and coming into contact with a gigantic cast of A-list celebrities, including Shirley Temple, Madonna, Salvador Dalí and Lou Reed. Typex has drawn each volume in a different style, thus reflecting Andy’s constant drive for innovation – both in his work and in his private life, he time and time again radically breaks away from the past, leaving behind him former styles, places and friends. The comic book is therefore very much a portrait of the 20th century, with life increasingly gaining momentum. Never before have society, technology and art developed at such a fast pace. Typex has succeeded in giving his comic book that same dizzying feeling of speed, with the main character appearing completely out of reach.

Typex has worked on the project virtually non-stop over a period of 5 years, and has received full support from the Andy Warhol Foundation. The comic book will simultaneously be released in 6 languages and in 13 countries.

Typex (1962) is a Dutch comic strip artist and illustrator. He graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts, and has subsequently gone on to create illustrations for a whole host of magazines and newspapers, including NRC HandelsbladVrij NederlandDe FilmkrantOorHet ParoolVPRO Gids and Nieuwe Revu. Typex has also illustrated children’s books, and has realised countless comic strip pages of his own. In 2013, he published his graphic novel Rembrandt, which has been translated in 8 languages.


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